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Our Heritage

For nearly 60 years, Divine Child’s Fine Arts Department has been the driving force behind our dedication to creative excellence. Countless Alumni have gone on to turn their artistic passions into lifelong careers. View the gallery to enjoy their works.


Divine Child continues to have one of the premier high school Fine Arts programs in Southeast Michigan.  With 12 classes to choose from, our students have the opportunity to hone their skills in a variety of artistic mediums.  The 2015 Student Spring Art Show featured enough works of art to cover 1,748 sq. feet of wall displays!


Beginning Design

Students are introduced to the principles and elements of design, learning about composition, arrangement, and how to solve visual problems.

Intro to Drawing

Students with minimal drawing experience develop the skills to conquer a variety of drawing techniques, including measuring, 2-point perspective, grid drawing, and self-portraits.

Advanced Drawing

Designed for students who are interested in further developing their drawing skills, this course introduces different color medias, including color pencil, pastels, markers, and inks.

Intro to Water Color

Students are taught how to use this transparent medium to their advantage. Techniques covered include aired washes and resists. Assignments include landscape painting, portraiture, wildlife painting, and still life painting.

Intro to Oil Painting

Students gain a well-rounded understanding of how to use opaque painting practices. Techniques such as glazing and impasto are introduced and assignments include landscape painting, portraiture, wildlife painting, and still life painting.

Beginning Ceramics

Students are trained in the use of clay as an art form. Emphasis is placed on craftsmanship and a range of hand-building techniques.

Commercial Illustration

This studio art course is aimed at those students with a serious career interest in art. In addition to multimedia assignments, the class introduces students to the business side of being a commercial artist and illustrator. Students gain an understanding of how one work of art can be used and manipulated to serve more than one purpose. Projects include holiday cards, book covers, story boards, magazine spot illustrations, poster designs, business cards, logo designs, and editorial illustrations.


Students are introduced to printmaking techniques to create their own series of prints, including monotype, embossing, wood block, linoleum, and dry point etching.

Digital Photography

This introductory course is designed to provide instruction in the proper use of a digital camera. Emphasis is placed on picture taking techniques, composition and computer enhancement.

AP Art History

This course is designed to develop the student’s understanding and enjoyment of works of art. Students study the history of the visual arts from the time of the cave man to the present, with emphasis placed on the last 500 years of human beings’ artistic development.

Portfolio Design

Students who plan to pursue a higher education in art are mentored in strengthening their portfolio in preparation for the application process.

Introduction to Wood Work

Students learn how to take two dimensional drawings and designs and translate them into a three dimensions using hand carving and sculptural technologies.



Art Club/Open Studio

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to explore the Fine Arts by joining the Art Club. The Club is open to all students regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in an art course. Open studio time can be used to learn new skills or simply serve as an extension of classroom studio time. An art teacher is available during all Club meetings.